Takes 100 seconds or more to shutdown IGEL OS, why?

hello, iv’e got dell latitude 5590 installed with OS3 10.06.190. when i press the power button to turn of the device, i get the 10 seconds timeout dialog. if i confirm the shutdown or just wait the 10 seconds the actual shutdown starts about 100 seconds later. anybody any idea why?

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Hello Herman, when pressing ctrl alt f10 during this 100sec shutdown process, do you see where it hangs?

A stop job is running for user manager for UID 777 (59s – 1min 59s)

I remember a few topics like this, here are a few thoughts:

• try to check if there a Bios Update on that device type

• check if the issue persists even if no devices are connected and the device is on factory reset

• try to reinstall 11.06.190 in Legacy mode: fwu.igel.com/files/IGEL_UNIVERSAL_DESKTOP_CONVERTER/UDC3_Stick_V10/legacy/UDC3_10.06.190_legacy.zip

it’s something in one of the profiles, i’m checking each setting

found it, my ftp update source for the firmwares was down. since i have an update check on shutdown it was stuck.

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