Teams Custom Partition – How to remind the last logged on user or to use the username entered to log on to the thin client?

Hello, today i created and tested the CP with Teams, this looks great!

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i do have a few questions:

• the preview banner on the Teams icon, is that comming from Microsoft?

• when Teams is started it shows a logon screen to enter the email adres (the one with the picture of the happy people working together).

is there a possibility to let i remind the last logged on user or to use the username entered to log on to the thin client (we use AD integration for logging on to our thin clients)

• when we enter our email adress in the “happy people working together” screen we receive a second screen, full screen to log on with Microsoft again.

then we receive a window to enter the password and then a question to keep signed in or not and the option to tick “do not show again”.

Thanks for the feedback!

Did you build Teams from the GitHub site and use the profile from there?

Preview in Teams ICON –> From Microsoft

Hello @member, no i followed and then, when i searched on the community here, i saw you made a nice video with instructions and automation script. Should i better use your build/script to address my issues?

What language does your script use for Teams, or is Teams by default the same language as the Igel OS language?

Details in the Readme in link above on how to set your language.

Hello Ron, i used your script and saw the 2 profiles (persistent and non-persistant) which work great!

We are using active directory authentication to log on to our thin clients, is there a way to pass the user that logs on to the Teams config?

now, Teams in persistent mode works fine for those who always use the same thin client.

But, when another user logs on to the thin client via active directory authentication. He can see the previous logged on user his teams client.

@member Can you comment on this item. My thought is, since IGEL OS does not have userhomes for each user, if you have a multi-user device, then you use non-persistent profiles and save / cache no data.

You could remove the cached informations on every Logon / Logoff process, that might work.

From what I recall, Teams is using a file, right? then, a Final Desktop initialization might work with a rm /userhome/file.

I finally got it working. I used the script to build on 18.04 ubuntu, but didn’t import the profile XML and tweak from there. I was trying to build the profile manually, and things were troublesome… THANKS!

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