Teams on IGEL OS error “Low memory, kill the process”

Is it a safe bet to assume that when Teams presents an error along the lines of “Low memory, kill the process”, it’s an issue of the thin client not having enough available system RAM? This is with Microsoft Teams Optimization enabled for Citrix using firmware 11.05.100 on a mix of IGEL OS devices

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Not sure if it is any way related to the issue you are seeing, but Teams is experiencing a global outage at the moment.

Yeah, I saw that. Looks like that is resolved. This problem I have is showing up more and more as we onboard people to Teams. It seems to be more prevalent when additional solutions are offloaded (such as Jabber, Zoom, Skype, etc.)

Yeah, Teams is a RAM hog, thats for sure. It would be worth testing on a beefier machine (4-8GB RAM) that you converted to IGEL OS.

That’s my though too. Just wanted to get a sanity check.

Consider yourself sane!

Lol. If you say so

Well, yes, we had this question:

this thread is covering a few ideas but it’s still a RAM hungry process.

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