The ICA file does not open automatically launch Citrix session on IGEL OS?

Hello everyone. I am looking to deploy IGEL throughout a hospital environment. Our EHR system is remote hosted and our staff connects via Citrix. I have set Chromium sessions in UMS to access the site but when I go to launch the Citrix app, the ICA file does not open automatically. I modified the profile to include the following but it is still not opening the ICA file automatically. I am trying to save staff some clicks. See screenshot. Any assistance is much appreciated.

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In 11.5.100 it works out of the box

Great, I will get the new firmware downloaded and imported into UMS and test. Thank you

Can confirm this. Thank you @member

I can also confirm that Chrome no longer prompts for .ICA with 11.5.100. Previously, I had struggled with automating this, and despite lots of help, still couldn’t get it to work (we currently use the Firefox “Citrix Web Appliance”). So, this is very nice indeed!

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