The “suspending the system” window ia shown everyime we turn on an IGEL device?

Hi everyone, i have an issue with one of our UD3-LX. Not really sure if this is hardware or software related. Everytime I turn on the device the first thing it does is show me the “suspending the system” window which you normally get when turning the device off. And then -without any further user action- the device shuts down, reboots and eventually brings me to the Igel OS. This silly detour is just a waste of time. Anybody else have experience with this problem?

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Did not have that issue, but i would:

update to the latest FW 4.14.300

reset to factory defaults

Me neither, but, let‘s check a few things: which firmware? What is the standard behaviour defined for your Thinclient power button (Shutdown/Suspend? Did you configured a post session command (a.e. When Citrix is disconnected, the thinclient will suspend or shutdown)?

Thank you guys for jumping right into this! Appreciate it! Current firmware version is 10.03.570.01 i bought a number of units. All with the same FW. Only 1 is having this issue. No behavior defined for the power button as far as i know. It has a pretty simple profile: Sessions>ApplianceMode for Citrix access and UI>Display setting for dual monitor. Thats it.

When disconnecting from Citrix i see it’s on suspend

You are welcome! Then, Reset to factory defaults and try the 10.04. Other thing, can you check the power supply and compare it to other UD3? I hat funny side effects because of switched PSUs

I don’t recall the power units being any different from each other, but i can be wrong. I don’t have this info right away because they are already in use at a customer’s office. I will ask for it. But good to know to keep an eye out with the next shipment.

I will update to 10.04 and see if this helps. I’ll let you know the results.

I mean switched during the installation onsite or by the user during a support case. Dlink and Netgear are using nearly the same PSU Connector🙈 I keep my fingers crossed

haha yeah you never know what users will do

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