The UMS WEB-APP is not showing device online status.

I’m going to drop this here in the UMS channel. The UMS WEB-APP is not showing device online status. What can I do to track this down. UMS version 6.05.100 Wums UI 6.5.5 Wums App 6.5.3

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Is it working in the regular console? Which kind of icon do you get?

@member Can you confirm the devices are showing online in the UMS console? What version of the Browser are you using and have you tried to refresh URL?

Can you provide some details on the UMS server (# vCPUs, RAM).

Devices are showing in the Console as active with no pending changes connected to the ICG

@member — How about the configuration of your UMS (# vCPUs, RAM)?

Intel Xeon 6132 VM presenting 8 vProc’s with 16gb ram. IGEL installed on D:

Server 2019

@member First it should be checked if the online status is working in the old UI. If yes, IGEL will need the logfiles to investigate this issue. It would be best, if you create an ITRS issue for this.

Thanks Ron. I’ll open a ticket this week.

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