The VDI label is not in the “headline” of WebEx-Meetings on IGEL OS

Is there a problem with Webex VDI today? We used the VDI feature since four weeks without any problems, but today the VDI label is not in the “headline” of WebEx-Meetings. How can i debug this? Best regards

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Hi Timo, I didn‘t see something like these, which Firmware are you using? Webex version?

Hi Sebastien, we use IGEL-OS and WebEx

Here are many changes today?

are there logfiles for the VDI feature?

“/var/log/cisco from what I recall.

hmm it’s empty

:/var/log/cisco# ls -la

total 0

drwxr-x— 2 user users 40 Apr 20 12:22 .

drwxrwxr-x 16 root syslog 640 Apr 20 12:22 ..

is journalctl -f stating something?

no 😞

maybe it’s a problem with the versions?

Meetings Client Version (HVD) – WBS41.4.x

Compatible Thin Client Plugin Versions – WBS41.4.x

But there is no IGEL Firmware with VDI 41.4.x the newest Firmwar (11.05.120) has the version


We’re having same issues with our igel machines and frankly our company is debating keeping igel because of this not working. Cisco tells us that we need to keep the version the same for the cloud (they manage for us), the session and the endpoint. Webex 41.5 is already on the way in coming weeks.

hi brant, thank you! yes but i think cisco is the “bad guy” you can’t update all user devices on one day without a testing time. they have to support more than one version! This is not okay!

I agree, it’s tough to follow of this updates, especially if they need to get integrated everytime in Private Builds. I can’t say something else we are trying to follow their pace but it’s pretty hard atm. Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, Vmware all of them have to play together, and that’s making it even tougher. Do you have already a ticket raised on our side?

I will ask for Private Builds, we expect some client refreshes very soon.

I do think we (as IGEL Support People) need the ability to update the “Cisco Webex Meeting VID Client” that is installed in the IGEL OS any time we need, so we can keep up with other vendor’s application life cycles. It is like how MS Windows provides the foundation so that applications can be upgraded when needed. This would provide us with more options to stay current when needed when using various vendors application required in our environment.

I work with Brant and we have a ticket with IGEL Support pertaining to this issue.

We might expect a change in the way we are delivering the Updates, especially this topic, but I can’t promise it on a real short term. But OS12 is planned this way…

Custom Partition possibly help? And as Seb mentioned, OS12 could help, but no idea on release timeframe.

We use Webex and haven’t had that issue. We set the version installed on our VDI to not auto-update.

I was wondering how applications are being managed on the RX420 devices?

we used this article to do our install. Not sure if it applies to you or not.…]vdi-deployment-guide/wbx-teams-vdi-deployment_chapter_010.html

I opened a ticket at the cisco support. it’s possible to downgrade a webex site. if our site is ready and on the older version, i give you a feedback if it’s working again!

David, may I ask what version you’re currently running on your VDI? Do you manage the cloud from the Webex cloud site keeping that site at the same version? Or do you let Cisco manage it and it updates when they announce it. Our is currently at 41.4 and I recently saw Cisco will update it to 41.5 on April 26th.

As of sometime yesterday after I posted, our’s started doing the same thing.

Bummer, but good to know, thanks

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