“The X Request 2.0ccaused error: “3: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)”

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I have a question. I am in a healthcare environment running IGEL OS 11.08.200, using Citrix DaaS for my VMs paired with Imprivata for users to seamlessly badge in and out of their sessions. However, I have a problem. When a user badges in from time to time this error comes up

“The X Request 2.0ccaused

error: “3: BadWindow (invalid Window parameter)”

See attached photo*

Now I did some digging and see one resolution is to

Go to System > Registry > ica > forceignorexerrors. Activate Suppress X error message boxes.

• Go to System > Registry > ica > wfclient > ignorexerrors. Activate IgnoreXErrors and pass the parameters: 55.0/9, 60.0/13

It’s affecting our users workflow causing them to have to attempt to start their session over again or causes them to have to open a ticket for us to force shut down their VM in Citrix because for some reason it ties up their VM.

I wasn’t sure if this is still definite or if there was any other workaround I should know of

I appreciate everyone’s time and insight!

Hello Nick,

any chance to test 11.08.290? Dumb question maybe but what are your settings under Codec in your Citrix IGEL Profile?

Hey Nick,

You’re close with the X error ignore, but this is specifically to solve: `The X Request 55.0 caused error: “9: BadDrawable (invalid Pixmap or Window parameter)”` or

`The X Request 60.0 caused error: “13: BadGC (invalid GC parameter)”.`

As your error is `The X Request 2.0 caused error: 3…` you’ll need to add 2.0/3 to the ‘IgnoreXErrors’ list in the registry 🙂

@member Hey no question is ever dumb! My company is working on putting the change through to upgrade to .290 hopefully this fixes it! As far as things go with the Citrix Codec I would have to consult with the systems team about it since they handle that part.

I appreciate your reply!


Thank you so much for your response and insight.

We will definitely try this out!

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