“There are no compatible packs for the selected devices available” Upgrading from IGEL OS 10 to IGEL OS 11

I am on 10.05.700 and trying to go to version 11. however, I cannot upgrade to 11.02, 11.03, or 11.04. What version of 10 do I need to be on to upgrade to 11?

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10.05.700 and higher should work, yeah – Make sure your UMS is 6.01.130 or higher and you allow the upgrade under System > Update > OS11 Upgrade


Ron beat me to it 🙂 yeah our KB has some good documentation on the process

i am on the latest version of UMS. but it fails the ugprade. it is looking for lxiv.ver and os 11 is lxos

not sure why it is looking for the wrong files for os 11. I have the check box enabled for upgrading to OS11

WE licenses available with ALD?


hmm… I’d publish the upgrade tool to the desktop and try through that, it’ll tell you what prerequisite its having issues with: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/os-11-upgrade-32871358.html

when I try to update the license manually. I get “There are no compatible packs for the selected devices available.”

also getting this

yea, you won’t be able to assign that license to an OS10 device manually – it needs to be available to check out, though. Same result on 11.03 or 11.02?

I recommend getting the most recent OS 10 version you can get your hands on for Migration.

While it works on the 10.05.700 (might be LX only, and OS only since 10.05.800) we did some improvements later on.

Before you can assign the firmware (or licenses) you need to have the “main” migration option set to true, since this will also allow automatic license deployment from UMS.

If you can get your hands on a test-device, there’s also a local migration software that provides feedback on why it refuses to actually migrate. iirc. it’s in the system tab of our start menu

After spending some time on the phone with iGEL support (This stumped iGEL support). I had to add a user name of anonymous to the os11 upgrade profile. We never had to do this before when upgrading between different OS 10 versions.

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