Tips for configuring 3 monitors to IGEL OS 11 on UD3, only showing 640×480

Hi, my Name ist Marco. I am trying to do following setup with a graphic challange. OS is 11.02, UD3 LX60. I want to use 3 Monitors. One DP for my first screen, and on my send I have an DP to HDMI adapter and then an HDMI Splitter, because I want to mirror Monitor 2 and 3. Unfortunately, it shows only 640×480…. But … when I unplug an plug the hdmi Splitte while running the IGEL, it changes to full hd. But only until the next restart. I tried then for force full hd via Setup, or UMS, but no success. Does anyone know a trick? Thx ind advance ….

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Hello Marco, is there a reason why you are using 11.02? Could you try 11.05.133 instead?

Oh sorry, it is 11.04. Do you think it helps? I would need the option very soon ^^

it‘s worst a try yes, HDMI Splitter aren’t supported officially but it would be an idea.

ok Sebastien.. Will try. Is there another possibility to use 3 monitors? The background is, that a trainer will work on his 2 screens, and double his second monitor to the employees…

One would be Daisy Chaining would an idea, the other one would be to use a USB Adapter like Displaylink (which are mostly supported on IGEL OS.


thx a lot these one? Do you have a model which is supported?

I don‘t unfortunately but, some reported that this one works:

may not officially be supported but I have used this one and it works.. SIIG 1×2 DisplayPort 1.2 to DisplayPort MST Hub – Multi Monitor Splitter – CE-DP0H11-S1 – Monitor Accessories –

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