Tips for Troubleshooting Imprivata ProveId to Horizon (7.8) on IGEL OS?

Can anybody point me to a good resource for troubleshooting Imprivata ProveId to Horizon (7.8) I have a UD3 successfully connecting to the Imprivata appliance (version 6) but it fails to connect to the Horizon connection servers. I’m not having any success in even telling if it’s actually trying to launch the view agent. I’ve looked at the meager Imprivata setup guide but not getting anywhere fast.

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Do you have your user and computer profiles setup in your Imprivata appliance? Do you have the agent installed in your parent? I was having this issue recently and I had to modify my computer and user policies, uninstall the full imprivata agent(single user mode) and reinstall then recompose the pool. Let me know if you’d like me to send you what my user/computer profiles look like.

Theres also a really good video on this here.

I’m having the same exact issue after upgrading to 7.8. Did you ever find a solution?

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