Tips for using Secure VNC on Cloud Gateway?

Does anyone have any tips for using Secure VNC on Cloud Gateway? We have a cloud gateway setup but are not yet fully using it production. I feel like VNC was working at one point but it’s failing to connect on 2 separate devices now. All other features seem to work fine.

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What version of UMS, ICG and Device Firmware are you on?

@member just in addition to Manojs question, here is a Thread where we discussed the communication Endpoint<=>ICG<=>UMS<=>Console

@member UMS Version 6.03.110, ICG Version 2.01.110, Firmware @member Thanks! I’ll check out the thread.

@member after reading this thread I tried RDPing to the UMS Server directly and doing a VNC connection straight from there and was able to connect successfully. It seems we must have something on our network blocking communication from our local machine.

check if you have a dns entry for youre ICG FQDN in your internal network

if you dont, the ssl cert wont be valid and the connection will fail

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