Trouble using a webcam in MS Teams through an RDS & VMware Horizon session on IGEL OS

Hi, I know it is a much spoken subject but…..I still have trouble using a webcam in Teams through an RDS & Horizon session (Horizon is also connection to a RDS environment). It is OS10 and I tried a lot with USB Redirection (enabled and disabled) but no webcam available. In the Igel onboard webcam tester I can see the webcam so it must be a redirection issue but I do not see the problem

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Hi Henk, there is no 100% guarantee to get Webcams working in a Remote Desktop environment, even if Citrix brings a few more frameworks to get the job done with a higher success ratio.

Assuming you are using the latest OS10 and you own a MMCP License):

Well, on RDS, there isn’t so much you can optimize but using RemoteFX:

Have an eye on USB Redirection and be sure, that Audio devices aren’t get redirected through USB Redirection.

And are there some default setting with the Horizon View client in OS 10?

Yes, RTAV:

Oke, I had both on but no succes

Did you checked the Workspot Link too?

Not yet, will try that later. My customer is gone and took his webcam 😉.

BTW, server side is configured as it has to be. When connecting with my laptop I can use the webcam. My struggle now is the USB redirection of the webcam and microphone on the Igel OS

@member although I heard that OS 10 and OS 11 look al lot the same I discovered that on OS 10 webcam’s don’t work and using the same profile with OS 11 it works. Twice this week I found out that OS 11 is the solution for some of my challenges.

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