Troubleshoot issues with IGEL OS devices automatically registering with the UMS

I’m trying to troubleshoot an issue with devices automatically registering with the UMS. We have the DNS A record for igelrmserver which points to the IP of our UMS but clients have recently stopped automatically registering (it has worked previously). The option is enabled in the UMS and from the client I can ping igelrmserver and can also portprobe 30001 with a ‘Connection successful’ response. Are there any other troubleshooting steps anyone can suggest to help identify the issue?

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What version of IGEL OS are you running?


UMS Administration > Global Configuration > Device Network Settings, Enable automatic registration (without MAC address import)

is the setting to look after. Is that oone checked?

Yes it’s checked

If you open the tool UMS Registration, can you register from there?

May I ask for UMS Version too?

Will try that now, UMS is 6.06.100

the UMS registration tool gives ‘Registration failed’ message

If you try running a ping or dig from an unregistered IGEL device against “igelrmserver”

Beside my suggestion to shutdown for testing a potential Antivirus and / or Software Firewall on the UMS Server, checking Time between Endpoint, UMS, would be great.

On logs side: UMS Server: IGELRemoteManagerrmguiserverlogs, Catalina

`2021-01-05 15:15:46,666 ERROR [UMS-TCServerMainThread-executor30] CommandThread: Command kyb for device with unitId 00515734C234 is not executed – provided terminalkey does not match terminalkey in database`

`2021-01-05 15:15:46,666 ERROR [UMS-TCServerMainThread-executor30] CommandThread: Identifier of TC invalid`

I’ve reused the MAC address of a previous client, so is there something I need to clear on the UMS? I deleted the old device

No, usually not or at least check the recycle bin. Any chance to disable AV / FW too?

emptying the recycle bin has resolved it!

thanks for your help

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