Troubleshooting 802.1x authentication on IGEL OS

Hi, I’ve updated some devices to 11.4.100 and now we ́ve got problems with the authentication with 802.1x.

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The IGEL’s have a certificate from a ms-scep-server, they ́ve got a valid certificate, but authentification fails.

with 11.3.580 no problems….. it seems the devices send now their mac-address and not the networkname.

Is there a log file where I could check the authentification?

There are some commands you can use directly on the client in local terminal to find out if the scep procedure works:

1. check the CA status: scep_getca 0

2. generate the SCEP request: scep_mkrequest 0

3. enroll the certificate: scep_enroll 0

Here is the manual for that: (download the PDF paper in the IGEL Community on Slack)

Yes, thats the config we ́ve got activated. the commands are working, with no error, but still authentification errors.

When I have this type of problem I normally have to get with the Wireless ENG Team so they can pull logs as to why it was not able to authenticate to the accesss point. you can also user a cert_show_status cmd to show you the current SCEP certificates installed on the device.

We have the same problem after upgrading to 11.04.100, and our wireless team only sees we don’t send the Mac address. We opened a support case.

Could you inform me, when you hear something from support

We have the same problem. We only have no wireless but on normal ethernet card of the Igel. It worked fine but after 11.04.100 it is not authenticating anymore. Please help

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