Troubleshooting IGEL Custom Partitions – data (xyz.inf) couln’t be downloaded

I am trying to add a CP for Teams to a client that is remote and connected to ICG and using AWS for storing the files. I followed the guide and entered the URL for the AWS S3 storage and I have verified that the files are publicly accessible, but I continue to get data (teams.inf) couln’t be downloaded. Any ideas of what to do to troubleshoot this?

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Can you share a Screenshot of your CP Download path? What happens when you copy that path 1:1 in a Browser?

when I enter the URL into a browser on a Macbook it downloads the file.

Cool, looks like it’s accessible, however, the file in the .inf is not:

Based on the pathing in the .inf this must reside in the same folder as the inf file:


So teams.inf = ok, teams_1.3.00.16851.tar.bz2 is denied

ok, I just made it public


Looks like it’s still denied.

Can you confirm on your end?

Checking via a browser.

I just tried and it popped up to download

Can you confirm it is:


Ahh, there’s a folder in there:


The inf seems to be in the root, and this file is in the /teams folder.

So the pathing in the inf wrong is wrong and making this non-functional. may need to say:


ah. makes sense. Thank you

So either:

• Put the inf and the bz2 in the same folder

• OR, put the path in the inf relative to the bz2 location

Of course!

just moved the inf to the teams folder and changed the inf as well

It successfully mounted but now Teams won’t launch

I see there’s no initialization script. Typically in a CP, there’s a script to be run which enables the application to work within the custom partition:

Or, sorry, maybe you do have one. The screenshot didn’t provide the context of that download if one existed.

I did create that, I will have to look tomorrow morning to see what is up with it. Thanks again

Sure! These can be tricky initially. You’ve done a great job!

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