Troubleshooting IGEL OS connecting to the correct keyboard within a Horizon View Session

How does the UDP determine which keyboards are attached to the PC it runs on? We are having issues with determining the correct keyboard on a UDP, within a Horizon View Session…

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Are you speaking about the keyboard hardware itself, the priorization between two keyboards or the Keyboard Layout?


I have raised a similar question before

When users are using a UDP to connect to Horizon View, their Windows keyboard list is being populated with DVORAK keyboards

even though we do not have these keyboards at all

We do not push out settings using UMS either…

I fail to understand where these keyboards are coming from….

Can you send us a screenshot from your local igel setup (ctrl alt s) under User Interface => Input=> Keyboard?

Sure…holdon 🙂

Here you go



It might be necessary to assign a GPO to the VM you are connecting to:

GPO template is available in VMware-Horizon-Extras-Bundle for the Horizon Agent


I’m going to check that immediately!

Thanks very much for the hint 🙂

You are welcome.

I’m out of luck…these settings were already applied 😕

Also, these DVORAK keyboards are only mapped on a UDP, not on other Igel clients…

Sounds… interesting. Can you give us a screenshot of a terminal window and the result of lsusb ?

sure, but I’ll have to first allow local terminals 😉 will take me some time…I’ll get back when I have to info

The policies should get enabled for teh VM you try to connect to.

Did you activate it for the Windows machine, you try to connect to?

Did you run a gpupdate / force?

The IGEL just requests the Keyboared to get activated.

Are you on 10.05.500?

These policies have been there for the last few months, and they are applied to those VMs in question

Im running 10.05.100 at the moment…

Which Windows is your VDI?

Which Horizon View is used?

You want to use a Dutch(Belgium) layout, correct?

We’re running Windows 10 1803 in our VDI, hosted by a Horizon View 7.5.1

Dutch Belgium is indeed what we want, as configured by the UMS settings

The UDP seems to ignore this…

What is the Keyboard your Windows 10 gets configured?

Is it Dutch (Belgium) in a normal layout and “just” the DVORAK layout is missing?

Our Windows 10 environment gets staged with a Dutch BE keyboard

DVORAK only appears on UDP’s

It is never configured on Windows, in a GPO, in UMS…

lsusb -v output, as requested


Is the USB Entry Keyboard recognised correctly on your UDP and are all keys available on the correct “button”?

We might miss the point as

Keyboard might be correct on UDP and is incorrect in View session

wrong in UDP and wrong in Horizon

Yes, on the UDP IgelOS portion, the keyboard is indeed correctly setup as an azerty keyboard. Users are able to type their login information in azerty. Soon as VMware VDI starts, its mapped as a QWERTY and DVORAK keyboard

I was also wondering if the VDI was the problem, but because it only happens on a UDP, I figured the problem was the UDP itself…

So, using another Linux on this machine uses the correct keyboard layout in your session?

Windows connects using the correct layout, too?

Which VMware Horizon client version did you use in Linux / Windows?

I haven’t tried connecting from a Linux Client OS

From Windows Client OSes it works fine, everything is mapped correctly

running VMware Horizon Client 4.8.1 on Windows OSes

If you believe it is useful to test this from a Linux Client OS, I can set that up and test…

10.05.100 has VMware Horizon client 4.8.0-8518891

10.05.500 got VMware Horizon client 4.10.0-11053294

By the way, we also have a range of (older) DELL hardware that is installed with IgelOS. This also works fine

I see, new client versions…hmm…

Perhaps I can stage the new version, see if that works…

That is strange as UD Pocket and UDC3 are that close to each other…

You might test the UDP on one of the DELL machines and check if it works fine….

I did…it doesn’t

same issue

Which UDC3 is installed on those other machines?

makes it even stranger, doesnt it…


UDC is running 10.4.100

Ill update to 10.5.500 and get back tomorrow

Thanks for assisting Robert!

and SebastienP


You are welcome!


VMware Horizon client 4.7.0-7395152

That is a huge difference.

UD Pocket could run 10.04.100…

A UDC3 @ 10.05.100 might show the same issue as the UDP @ 10.05.100.

That might very well be!

I can test that…

Tomorrow I’ll update and compare 🙂

I’m curious now


Thanks again! 🙂

Jack, you are welcome.

We try to support our customer as good as possible 👍

There is just an idea from my side (while DEV is working on this request).

If the Windows Desktop has the correct keyboard configured,

you might want to disable the GPO to use the TC Keyboard layout in your session.

This should deliver the “correct” windows keyboard as it got configured for the VM.

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