Troubleshooting Scanner redirection issues

Scanner redirection issue. We are upgrading from XenApp to XenDesktop (from windows 2012 to windows 10 (1909) ) Endpoints are Igels with version 10.6.130 and 10.6.190 and windows devices. There are few scanners (Cannon 225 and some Fujitsu) that are giving me trouble.

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Scanner redirection on Xenapp works fine from Windows and Igel endpoints to Scanner redirection on XenDesktop works fine on Windows endpoint – but not on Igel

Igel – Xenapp = works fine

Windows – Xenapp = works fine

Windwos – Xendesktop = works fine

Igel – XenDesktop = no redirection

Did someone had such issue? ware you able to fix it ?

Twain isn‘t a Linux compatible way of access but a kind of pure Microsoft ones, so we can‘t force an integration even if I would be happy to😄

At the moment: USB Scanner is a tough topic…

They are a few ways to get it working, but there is no guarantee unfortunately:

1) use the USB Redirection to get it redirected into the Terminalserver, and install it there:

2) use the sane integration if supported by Scanner and map the scan directory into the session: (System=>Firmware Customization=>Features=>Sane support) and use

3) Use USB<=>Lan Server:ätslösungen/geräte-konnektivität

4) use the Fabulatech Scanner Redirection (means a separate license to be bought @Fabulatech).

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