Trying to upgrade ICG applicance from Debian 8 to 9

Hi All, I’ve got an ICG installation based on the original appliance with Debian 8. I notice that extended support for Debian 8 is ending soon; I’ve tried a in-place upgrade to Debian 9 on a test unit and it looked to go OK (haven’t got any clients connected to it but UMS can see it OK). Has anyone else done an upgrade like this and if so, did it go OK?

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Hey Steven, the recomendation is actually to move off of the appliance, as it isn’t supported any longer.

If you use the same certificate you can install a new ICG on any of the currently supported Linux OSes, and then swap the IP over. The devices will connect as long as the root cert remains the same. at 3.30 minutes

Hi Christopher / Udo, thanks for your replies. That’s interesting, didn’t realise it was no longer supported! We’ve been running version 2.01.110 since last November without any apparent issues. Wonder why it’s only been mentioned in the last month or so (if I take the date that the video was uploaded to be true). Best Regards, Steve

It could work technically… 😎

Hi Udo – sorry, missed your reply – do you mean that the OS upgrade could / should work?

The upgrade from 1.x to 2.x using the appliance could technically work, but often there are problems so we don’t recommend and support it.

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