Tying to find out where I download the IGEL OS 11 upgrade for the IGEL UD3

Hey every one I am sure I am a little late to the party like usual, but I am tying to find out where I download the OS 11 upgrade for the IGEL UD3 systems. I have already upgraded my UMS and I am ready to start testing the next process

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Hey Patrick! Don‘t mind! The party is still ongoing😄 Here is the link:


Pay attention to:




Thank you for the info I have read over it, but I am still having a problem. I have UD3 and not UDC3 that were purchased with Unlimited Licenses. When I try to run the OS 11.01.100 I am getting an error that it is not compatible with current Firmware. Am I going to have to relicense my current environment?

Let‘s start first with testing the upgrade:


Then, and in accordance to the shown errors you should be able to find out where the error resides.

Thank you I found the error and working with sales to try to remedy it

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