UMS Shadowing is not working with OS12.

Hi hive minds, I am having issues with OS12 and shadowing on any version of OS12. The policy for shadowing does not have the “Secure” mode turned on and Shadow from the UMS WebApp, and can see/press the Shadow button but nothing occurs. I can use other VNC viewers such as TightVNC and shadow fine. The Firewall ports are open on the server side. Just updated to UMS 12.02.110, was doing the same thing on UMS 12.02.100 previous to that. Any tips or tricks I can try and get to the bottom of this?

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Hi Keegan,

let me ask some questions:

• Is the TightVNC Connection from the same Server/Client as UMS-Webapp?

• Is the Port you checked 5900 or 8443?

• Is journal log telling you something?

• Are the Profiles you attached to the client on the correct base version?

• Is the problem just on one Client? What are other clients doing?

• maybe a dump question but you do not have accidently open a tab with a active vnc connection? 🙂

• OS11 devices are still working after the update?

• could you do a factory reset and just add a profile with the shadowing connection?

Have a nice day!


Hi @member,

Thank you for the quick response and the probing questions. In response:

• The TightVNC connection is from the same client as I am running the WebApp from. Will check TightVNC from the UMS server directly as well (lightbulb moment!)

• The ports are open on the Server (Windows Server 2019) for 5900 TCP/UDP

• Where do I locate the Journal Log?

• The profile attached is just for the Shadow and is based on version 12.1.140 BUILD 1

• Will test off other clients but good call!

• Don’t have another connection open to that IGEL terminal

• I havent got any OS11 clients attached to that UMS, its our Qual UMS

• I did try a factory reset, but will do again in case something else funky

What logging can I get from both the IGEL Thin Client and the UMS in this case?



OK looks like I may have found the issue….

I split out the settings per category to attach/detach to test.

We use SCEP in our environment and with a profile just enabling the SCEP settings, Shadow did not work. As soon as I detached that profile Shadow started to work through the UMS WebApp and External VNC application.

Unsure why these settings are conflicting, but the OS is still not ready and needs bugs ironed out, however is a vast improvement to OS11

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