Unable to deploy IGEL Desktop OS 10.06.130 on our thin clients over Wi-Fi

Hi IGEL Community,

I’m trying to deploy IGEL Desktop OS3 10.06.130 on our thin client which are connected through Wi-Fi.

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Somehow i’m unable to install this firmware remotely, are the ports changes for this specific firmware?

Other firmware versions are working flawless.

Our Wi-Fi connection has all ports disabled except the ones we needed for IGEL related purposes.

Current IGEL version =

Current UMS version = 6.02.110

I think you have to find your solution in the WiFi firewall / port settings. Can you share which ports are open?

Can you try to delete the firmware from Universal Firmware Update, Empty the Recycle Bin, Redownload it? I would suspect a corrupt file… Can you provide a screenshot of the error when clicking on Details?

Apparently we have never done firmware upgrades while connected to our Wi-Fi network.

We haven’t setup FTP for our firmware updates so does anyone know which port is being triggered for filetransfer?

Or should we implement FTP?

No, it‘s not mandatory! Https (8443) is pretty straight forward on normal Endpoint amount.

Great thanks, i will implement a change to open up port 8443 for our wireless network. Thanks guys!

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