Unable to get HDX Webcam working on IGEL 11.04.270

Hi! I recently upgraded to to 11.04.270 and have been able to get most webcam optimizations working except for HDX Webcam. When I start the application in Chrome 32-bit it prompts me to allow the webcam since it detects it and then the video comes in with only one frame. So it’s almost like a regular camera that it takes a still picture. 😄

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I added BCR and followed the instructions from the latest guide by @member, thanks again for great details but the redirection only displays a white screen.

Hi, which Website are you using forthe Webcam test?

you installed the BCR plugin?

Yes, I installed the BCR plugin for Chrome. I have 3 sites to test, onlinemictest.com onlinemictest.com and the vendor specific ones have a pre-call diag page where you can test the setup


• Webcam redirection works with and without RTME.

• Webcam redirection works for 32-bit applications. For example, Skype, GoToMeeting. Use a 32-bit browser to verify webcam redirection online. For example, www.webcamtests.com www.webcamtests.com

• Webcam usage is exclusive to applications. For example, when Skype is running with a webcam and you launch GoToMeeting, exit Skype to use the webcam with GoToMeeting.

Supported video conferencing applications

• Adobe Connect

• Cisco Webex and Webex for Teams

• GoToMeeting

• Google Hangouts and Hangouts Meet

• IBM Sametime

• Microsoft Skype for Business 2015

• Microsoft Lync 2010 and 2013

• Microsoft Skype 7 or higher

• Media Foundation-based video applications on Windows 8.x or higher and Windows Server 2012 R2 and higher

USB Redirection

If USB redirection is enabled, please create a rule that forbids the forwarding of the webcam via USB redirection.

I also recommend this great article about WebCams on Citrix: support.citrix.com/article/CTX132764

Thank you Lars! I had a question on the specific usecfbrowser, do I need to have the chromium broswe app push to the thin client as well?

You can use on of the three supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Internet Explorer 11 and Chromium, like written here: docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops-service/multimedia/browser-content-redirection.html

You dont need to install the Browser on the ThinClient – you can work with the CWA

Ok, thanks! From the list of supported application I didn’t see Chrome but is it supported with HDX Webcam redirection or should I switch to native USB support?

It is supported – its on the list in Citrix

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