Unable to register IGEL OS device to fresh UMS install

Hello – We are migrating our UMS from a local server to a server in a private cloud and are unable to register our test device running OS with the private cloud UMS. Insights or suggestions on how to register the FIRST device on a fresh UMS are most welcome! Since we have no devices on the private cloud UMS, we have attempted to register the OS 11.04.100 firmware in the new UMS. Please see 1st screen snap below.

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The OS firmware downloaded from the IGEL downloads site shows on the UMS FTP server. Please see 2nd screen snap below.

However, when we import the profile from the local UMS into the cloud UMS, we get the message below to the effect that IGEL OS 11 is not registered. Please see 3rd screen snap below.

When we try to register from the device using the Setup->Remote Management-> UMS Registration, the message “Registration failed.” is displayed. The panel on the left shows a tcpdump of network traffic from the device to our cloud UMS chattering away first on port 30001 then some chatter on port 8443. Please see 4th screen snap below.

From my reading, for the device to register, it’s firmware must first be registered on the UMS. Is there a final step we’ve missed in registering the firmware with the cloud UMS?

Insights or suggestions on how to register the FIRST device on a fresh UMS are most welcome!

Thanks, Matthew

Hello Mathew, as soon as a device is registered, it will register its firmware as a kind of “base firmware”. When you say private cloud, are you using an ICG or how is the network going between UMS and endpoints?

Hi Sebastion-Appreciate the quick reply! We have a Windows Server 2016 instance running in the Azure cloud. The IP address is the Windows Server 2016 instance, the UMS is at Thanks, Matthew

Do we need to set up an ICG?

If your devices are in private networks, and your UMS in Azure, I would usually say yes.

I mean Devices need a 30001 / 8443 > UMS connection, and 30005 UMS > Endpoint. Is that given?

I believe so. We have those ports open in Azure for our IPs. The last screen snap shows chatter back & forth between the device endpoint sending to 30001 & some chatter on 8443. We also open 30005 which I believe is used for outbound traffic from UMS.

tcpdump to/from the UMS is on the left of the snap…

heading out for the holiday & back at on tuesday…appreciate any suggestions.

Can you get to the Azure VM’s local IP from the devices, or are you going through any NAT?

Also, what is the latency from your site to Azure? If it’s more than 20ms~ I would recommend looking at ICG’s.

Hi – We are going through a NAT so the VM local IP is unavailable from the devices. The latency seen in tcpdump trace appears to be quite small with a few exception. We’ll look at ICG. Thanks, matthew

kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt/en/setting-up-thin-clients-manually-22459669.htmlThe firmware for the thin clients must be available in the database. To ensure that this is the case, it can be imported or provided by thin clients that have already been registered. This method is therefore not always appropriate when setting up the _UMS_ for the first time.

I am setting up the private cloud UMS for the first time. It has no devices registered. I deleted the test device from the local UMS after confirming the device can register with the local UMS. Is deleting the device from the local UMS adequate to clear the registration on the device itself? Thanks, Matthew

For anyone looking for a quick answer recap:

— create DNS entry for igelrmserver

— remove old UMS server certs

rm /wfs/server.crt

Just a heads-up that can cause other issues down the road. It would be best to do a full factory reset of the device.

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