Understanding IGEL OS firmware updates over ICG

igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8FC0D6U9/p1571173805008800 After reading this thread about firmware updates over ICG in October I put installing ICG on my punch list and just started watching the ICG installation videos and reading the manual this morning. I see in the release notes that “- ICG 2.01 does NOT support the following UMS functionalities yet:

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“Universal Firmware Update”

Is this unsupported, but can be made to work, or has this feature been removed? We are now putting Igel in home offices behind only an internet connection and I need to have a method to keep their firmware current.

In the instructions for firmware 11.03.100 I see this -“Configuring the Universal Firmware Update for ICG”

If you are using IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG), an FTP server which is accessible to all devices must be configured as update source. Do you need to use a an earlier version of ICG (NOT 2.01?)

UFU-mechanism has two main parts. Part 1: Downloading FW from igel.com igel.com and Part 2: Uploading the downloaded software to your repository. Your repo has to be configured in the UFU settings. After the upload there comes part 3: Edit every FW-Object in UMS and change server, path, username and pw to what the IGEL endpoints would use to download. Part 4 is then: Drag n Drop the FW Objects in UMS on the target folder (like a profile). Does that help? Works with our endpoints. (all are off-site.)

Thank you for the reply. They are off site and off network – on an offsite internet connection only – not a vpn? Just want to be sure UFU works on devices with only an offsite generic isp – no routing, vpn or other networking.

The endpoints are in several ordinary offices with ordinary internet connections all over the country. That’s the cool thing with ICG. You can use your IGEL endpoints anywhere. They boot up and connect via TCP/8443 to your ICG and you’re fine. Except for the updates, for that you have to use an own repo/webhosting of some sort for the endpoints to connect to. We use our Plesk (HTTPS) for that.

So: No VPN, no routes, no anything needed on the end-users side. The only “special networking” you have to do is to open TCP/8443 outgoing.

I think I get it now – Updates are outside of ICG, but can be done by customizing the UMS delivery to a repository accessible through the internet. Thats why I can’t find it in ICG. TY for breaking this down for me – It seems simple now that I hear how you are doing it.

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