Update of IGEL UDR ends with not enough space

Hello, we are trying to make a firmware update from to 11.08.360.01 but our UD3 LX50 Igel systems tell that there is not enough space to make the firmware update. on LX51/60 there is no problem. Is there anyone who found a solution. the clients need only citrix and device trust. In course of the cups weak spot we need to update – and yes we know that lx50 is normally not supported. Can anyone help?

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Hello Rainer,

hope all is well on your end!

This should help: kb.igel.com/igelos-11.06/en/disabling-igel-os-features-to-reduce-firmware-size-49587524.html kb.igel.com/igelos-11.06/en/disabling-igel-os-features-to-reduce-firmware-size-49587524.html

Hi Seb, we reduced before a lot, but now i think it is nearly the end of reducement which is possible. i think we need new clients soon. thanks for your help, i found 1 application which i could remove anymore, so for this firmware we are save. have a nice weekend.

If you are using any Custom Partition, you could look at trimming that back as well.

I think the main issue is that Citrix and VMWare clients (maybe AVD, but I haven’t checked) are all multi-hundred meg installs now, so just Citrix and VMWare take up nearly 1GB storage together.

Don’t forget the NVidia driver and the browsers

After reducing the applications (all Citrix applications are still available) the firmware update runs and the client starts with new version. Problem we have now is that some clients return and dont find citrix application.

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