Updated our PKI infrastructure, now can’t login to the IGEL UMS console?

Hello! We just updated our PKI infrastructure last night and I need to update our LDAP config/cert, but I’m unable to login to the UMS console. Is there another method to update this? I’m hoping there is because we are kinda stuck at this point.

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You should be able to log in with the database user that was configured during UMS installation

Great…I’ll have to try and find that account. Another team was involved in the initial setup of App/DB servers. Thanks!

Hi, use the UMS Administrator (rmadmin.exe), go to Datasource, Check your username there. Use then, this User to login the UMS.

Ok I found the username. I’m hoping I can get the password from a DB admin because I definitely don’t have this.

Are you using the embedded DB or an external SQL Server?

external SQL 2016

Ok, if you don‘t get it your main SQL Admin, could reset it easily in SQL Studio a.e. Shouldn‘t be a big issue (hopefully👍).

Ok thanks for the info. They are looking for account info now. I’m hoping we won’t have to reset it, but I don’t think that would be a huge issue since noone can login into UMS now anyways 😉

I was able to get the password from our vendor that assisted us with our initial setup

We are all good now! Thanks again for your help

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