Updated to IGEL Universal Desktop LX 10.06.100 from within UMS 6.02.100, now unable to update profiles to this new version

Hi, i recently downloaded new IGEL Universal Desktop LX 10.06.100 from within UMS 6.02.100, but now i’m unable to update profiles to this new version. The latest firmware version i’m able to update the profiles to is the 10.05.830 i downloaded recently. Any idea how to resolve this?

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I already assigned the firmware to objects and already updated one device. However, this device still shows it has version 10.05.830.01 installed in UMS. Bootscreen of the UD3-LX 50ac does show 10.06.100 ?? Firmware update also went very quick, it only updated/flashed the system part.

Hi, seems like the device can’t write back to Server: could you check if port 30001 is opened from endpoint to UMS? Dumb question in addition maybe: did you hit F5 to refresh the asset infos?

The port is not blocked by firewall and is open. To me it seems something wrong with the firmware. Why this firmware installs on the device so fast ? Usually it flashes several parts like System, RDP, Citrix.. Now it only flashes System and then reboots.

I just flashed the system from 10.05.830 to 10.05.800 and this flash procedure is fine. After reboot the client also reports to UMS it has 10.05.800..

So to me this looks like an issue with 10.06.100 ? 🙂

I also refreshed UMS console multiple times, and I also logged in on the UMS server directly and used the console there, no difference. Isn’t it the true that the firmware will become available for profiles as soon as one device successfully has the firmware installed ?

When device applies a new firmware this way, it means that the device already has this firmware or several features (system,firmware customization,features) were disabled.

Can you please delete the 10.06.100, empty the recycle bin, redownload and try again?

What shows then the firmware version when shadowing the device after update?

I just removed the firmware and downloaded it again. Now the firmware flashes like it should do to my opinion, but it doesn’t report the new version to UMS..

And when shadowing the device? Which version is reported locally?

I can shadow the device successfully. Checking locally without appliance mode it shows in the “About” window.. In UMS nothing changes and it keeps showing the previous firmware and profiles are also not able to update to 10.06.100.. Hmm…

I also took another device (also UD3LX 50) and updated this. Firmware update went fine but still no new version reported in UMS.

Can you please issue the following command on the endpoint, in a terminal:

probeport igelrmserver 30001

and give us the result?

Under UMS Administration, Cache: is this feature activated?

Cache is not active. I’m now searching for the terminal option 😉

Leave the appliance mode profile away, then go to Accessories,Terminal and add a session by pressing +

I opened the virtual terminal tty11 and the probeport “servername” 30001 reported : “Connection successful”

Ok, then, last try. before rebooting the server Can you reset the 10.06 to factory defaults and reregister it? Is something listed about 10.06 in UMS=>Extras=>Firmware statistics?

Is a AV Client in place on UMS Server? If yes, can you please disable every component temporarily? I mean everything: integrated FW, content finter, etc. and restart the UMS Service?

I already rebooted the server this morning and no Firmware Statistics about 10.06. I will perform further checks as you described and report back when I have an update. Thanks.

For now it seems to be fine. I factory reset one device and connected it again to UMS after scanning for devices. It now reports 10.06 firmware. Also i can now update the profiles to 10.06, and also the second device i have flashed (but not reset to default) now reports the right firmware in UMS.. So a big strange but it seems to be resolved.

Thanks for helping me out.

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