Updating IGEL OS on Shutdown fails.

Hi, I am trying to update all our machines to a private build firmware but when i choose update when shutting down it is not updating. It looks like it is updating but stays on the older firmware

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This is what the master folder for the company looks like. Not sure why the machines are not updating

Is there anything indirectly assigned?


Did i make a mistake, so i put the new profiles based on version 454 on the folder and the 454 firmware and then removed the old profiles which were on 290

Kinda strange the UFW object is blue – can you go to it under ‘Universal Firmware Update’ and confirm it’s completely uploaded?

It is a private build and it was uploaded as a zip file

It has turned green again, i have noticed it goes from blue to green from time to time.

Bad FW version?

If i apply it to a single device, that device will update but this not of much use as i have over 1000 machines

Sounds like the devices are not seeing the new UFW. When you add new UFW did you select apply changes now?

I did select next reboot but ill remove and add and try selecting now

I know I was apprehensive to do this in the past. Test, test, before production. This will only change the update path. Update process is initiated separately.

It looks like settings “ums-device” then update when shutting down and then reboot has fixed it

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