Upgraded IGEL OS 11 to Citrix to 1912 LTSR but our VDI is slow and freezing

IGel OS 11 in our VDI environment. it works well with Citrix 7.15.

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I upgraded our Citrix to 1912 LTSR but our VDI is slow and freezing.

someone met the situation?

Which Igel OS Version are you using?

Which Windows Server build is in use? 1909 or 2004?

You mean DDC server? DDC server is windows 2016. VDI desktop is Windows 10 1803.

I meant your workers, sorry, forgot to mention…

No Teams Optimization in use then, right?

How can you reproduce the issue?

Yes. we haven’t install MS Teams.

We haven’t fixed the issue now.

And how would you describe the issue, how is it happening?

Fox example when drag a window, the window has smearing

I guess the Settings for HDX Multimedia are set like as default?

I enabled the option. but the issue still keep.

Hi Vastsea, we had the same issue. It is due to the Citrix Client version selection. Check the profile and look under Sessions > Citrix > Citrix Client Selection. Set the Citrix client version to 1912 and performence should come back (if you can see that setting, make sure your profile is based on OS 11.xx)

our current configuration is as below. we need to enable it?

If you didn’t set it especially somewehere else, it will take default (usually the newer ones). would you mind to open a ticket on that one?

@member experiencing the same issue if I’m using CWA 2004 (which is default in 11.03.580). If I set the client version to 1910 (with 11.03.530 it’s 1912) everything works fine BUT there isn’t the support for the ms teams optimization – correct? So is this a known performance issue with CWA 2004 for linux?

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Just curious, can you set the following and see if it makes it any better?

I think Citrix may have introduced an issue with EDT over UDP

@member, yes we saw exactly that, not happy with 2004 but fine with 1912. We’re testing with 11.03.587.01 (has Teams optimization) in preparation for Teams deployment when 11.04.xxx 11.04.xxx us released. Performance is positive so far. Performance from a Windows client was fine but they were running 1904 at the time.

I’m curious to know if the issue is resolved with UDP being disabled via policy. EDT is enabled by default in 1912 LTSR.

@member so you’re using 11.03.587.01 with which workspace version? And there are no typically problems with freezing screen or slow dragging?

@member we are using the client version 19.12.0 on Workspace VDA version 1912 LTSR. No issues with performance

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