Upgrading the Server OS with UMS installed

Hello everyone,

I want to replace my Windows 2012 UMS server with Windows 2022 Server. I was thinking about upgrading it but not sure. What does everyone suggest?

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Simple change plan:

• Backup UMS

• Take snapshot of system (assuming it is a VM)

• Update OS

• Validate all is good

If issues, then rollback from snapshot

Thanks, is this supported by Igel?

what about backing up from a UMS database thats running Windows Server 2012 and restoring it to a Windows server 2022 os? Will that work and is it supported?

Yes … make sure the UMS version is the same

I would just update the OS … as noted in the above simple change plan.

cool, as long as its supported

i can do that

@member – thank you for your feedback

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