USB CD-ROM redirection in Citrix on IGEL OS

I’m trying to test USB CD-ROM redirection in Citrix, but the first step is to confirm that I can actually access the contents locally. I see the device in System Information, but it doesn’t appear to mount even though I believe I have the correct options set. Am I missing something obvious?

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Let me ask first which kind of drive (Builtin SATA / USB) and which kind of CD/DVD is inserted? And which Firmware of course 😄

Looks like a Lite-On DVD Writer Slimtype eSAU108

Firmware 11.03.580

And now the Disk Utility app is throwing this:

It’s an external one, right? are you using USB Access control?

Yep, USB based external DVD writer. I’ve tried with USB Access Control enabled and left with the defaults.

And FWIW, I followed this article to try and browse to that mounting point:

I would disable USB Access control first, change the number of drives to 3 , then reboot, insert a CD with data on, and retest.

I’ll give that a shot again. Right now, with access control enabled and defaulted to Allow, it doesn’t look like it mounts.

I don’t suppose there’s a linux command to automount the usb drive?

Had a different CD inserted, and now it’s mounting fine. So this must have been because of a bad CD.

lol, okay, what controls the drive being removed when you launch a Citrix connection? I already enabled the ICA options, and allowed all USB devices in the Citrix session policy.

Maybe a Native USB Redirection rule?

Yes,,, please set the default rule to deny…

My USB redirection policy in Citrix is allowing all redirection – drives, optical, etc.

And that was it. Why set it to deny?

If you want to redirect a device through USB Redirection, Mapping will not work in parallel. They are different ways for accessing the devices. USB Sticks / Drives should (in general) get mapped not redirected.

Gotcha. That explains why it shows up as an actual drive.

As usual, thanks @member – much appreciated!

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