USB devices on IGEL thin clients need to be reseated/power cycled in order for them to work again

I’ve had reports of USB devices on IGEL thin clients needing to be reseated/power cycled in order for them to work again. Is this a known issue? Some sort of Power Saving mode? Devices are Craden passbook printers, Topaz signature pads, and Magtek pin pads

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Can you give us an idea which kind of Igel devices and the according firmware, are concerned?

Thank you for the quick reply! UD3-LX 50ac (IGEL Universal Desktop LX) on

IGEL M340C, IGEL Linux 10 (Kernel Version 4.15.15)

I think we are running into something similar with USB headsets. After a period of time, they seem to “disconnect”. Restarting the TC fixes it for a while. UDC 10.04.100

We’ve had one or two lately have the same issue on UDC3 devices. We’ve noticed when it happens some of our customization is gone (i.e. Wallpaper) and we have to do a Settings UMS -> TC in order to get them to work again (rebooting by itself doesn’t help).

we’re running the same version Luis mentioned.

Ok, did someone of you already opened a ticket? I would like to analyze this behaviour with our support

I have not opened a ticket, as it is next to impossible to reproduce.

same here. We haven’t been able to reproduce the issue outside of our production machines and they have to work, so we get them running. It seems totally random. Trying to find a pattern or way to reproduce before opening a ticket.

I haven’t opened an IGEL support ticket, unfortunately. I’m having a hard time registering an account

I’ve had the same issue occur randomly with two Samsung UD9’s with 10.03.700 with STAR Thermal Receipt Printers via Fabulatech for RDP. However, a disconnect/connect resolves the issue in this case. But to @member point – I’ve seen some settings disappear once – but haven’t been able to draw the correlation between the two because they are side by side and the settings only changed on one.

Was there a fix for this issue? I am seeing the same thing on the latest igel releases with Scanners and printers going through USB. As noted, restarting the endpoint works and this is something that only seems to happen on igel devices, users on thick clients do not have this problem.

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