USB Flashdrive only works for some seconds and the disconnects on IGEL OS

hi there, we have new igel UD3 lx with firmware and connecting to a ica-session. when we want to use a usb-flashdrive, it only works for some seconds and flashdrive disconnects. does anybody know this issue? thanks a lot

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Hi Matthias, it depends from a lot of factors in deed…. First: I assume that you already tried different Receiver Versions right? If yes, don’t forget to update to Firmware 10.05.100 to get the “latest” Receiver versions. If that doesn’t help either, what happens on a Windows Client? Does it work there?

The 10.05.500 with more actual receivers should arrive today (I hope)… One last thing, are you using Storage Hotplug, or how did you configured the Mapping?

@member do you use the USB3 port? Its possible that you do not get enough power from the old USB ports? “normally” works USB devices well with ica or never…. but dissconection in session i never see 😕

thanks a lot for answers. i tried Firmware 10.05.100 now, but same problem. On a Windows Client it works. I also tried on an other Xenapp-Server with other Version, same error.

I configured Hotplug Storage. I also used different USB-Ports… If the Flashdrive is connected without ica-session, it’s ok, but as soon as i start the session, i get a disconnect-error from igel-device

Dumb question: do you use USB Redirection? If yes: try to disable it for testing.

How does it perform when you connects the drive after starting the session?

ou yes that was it, after disabling usb redirection, it works. Thanks all for your help

You are welcome! Have a nice Christmas!!

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