USB Scanners on IGEL UD 3

We use LX ( Linux ) IGEL UD 3 and would like to scan using a USB scanner. Has anyone gained experience with it?

Hi, there are several options possible:

1. USB redirection – OK for single user VDI. May work slow.

2. Scanner Redirection – good for multi-user Server OS.

What OS/Environment is used on remote side?

Thank you for the Answer. On the remote side it is a published Citrix Desktop 7.15 LTSR on Windows Server 2016

We don’t have Citrix. For comleteness we use VDI and used only a USB-Redirection (3 Clients) – works not bad

Try Citrix USB redirection first of all. Just keep in mind that the scanners become visible and accessible by all logged-in users on Citrix side, and it may work slow (depends on exact scanner model). But may be this will be enough for the scenario where you want to use scanners remotely.

As an alternative option, try Scanner for Remote Desktop from FabulaTech.

Client side is part of IGEL OS, so you only need to install Server side to Citrix Server. Scanners become isolated in user sessions. The performance is much much better comparing to USB. But this is commercial solution, so you will need a license at the end.

Thank you for the Answer. It works with USB redirection.

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