USB webcams in combination with RDP on IGEL OS?

Hello, anyone using USB webcams in combination with RDP? I’m using UD3-LX51 devices and want to redirect USB webcams (different models already tried) but i can’t seem to get it work.

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I would like to map a Logitech USB webcam to RDP session. Enabled “Native USB” Default “Deny” Device Rule created, no go. Webcam is visible via lsusb and sometimes working using “Webcam Information”. Have to unplug and replug for Webcam Information to work. tested with different webcams and models, same behaviour.

Is this the correct way to map USB webcams via RDP? Server is running 2019.

Windows users are not having issues, so server side should be ok.

The USB redirection for webcam can still be used, I would just remove the mass storage.

Well, on RDS, I would remove the USB Redirection for Webcams but use RemoteFX:

Have an eye on USB Redirection and be sure, that Audio devices aren’t get redirected through USB Redirection.

Hello Sebastien, i already followed your reply from another post. and verified the steps described. i disabled the GPO policy on the server.

So i do not need to set anything on the IGEL os in order to make this mapping work?

Which Igel OS Version?

Which Webcam are you using?

currently testing with Logitech C525

Should be good but RDS is pretty limited on Webcam functionality… Will check if I find something.

thanks, when using my W10 laptop with the same webcam all is working fine

Yes, Micorsoft native client handels USB / Webcam redirection completely differet from Linux ones… That’s really sad, I know 😞

Is this also an issue with the new WVD client? If not, can’t we use/abuse this one to connect to native RDP servers?

No, Webcam is still on Raodmap on Microsoft side… There:


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