USB3 port stopped working on IGEL OS 10

Goodmorning all, we have a customer that updated to 10.06.190 and everything worked fine. Now suddenly already 5 thinclients have problems that USB3 port don’t work anymore. Is this a known issue ?

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Good morning Sander, when you say don‘t work anymore: does that mean that devices aren‘t recognised locally or in session anymore?

Which kind of USB Devices and which USB Port is concerned (front/rear)?

It is the USB3 ports on the back, keyboard and mouse connected to them. I will ask if it is also locally, they did not state that good

Please ask too if the Keyboard / mouse are corded ones or wireless👍

they all use corded ones

Does the keyboard and mouse work in the IGEL OS at all, or it stops working when connecting to a Citrix/Horizon farm? We had mouse/keyboards stop working when we used a particular version of Receiver (sorry – I can’t remember the exact version).

We just asked the customer to test this indeed, because we think its could be a same sort of problem indeed

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