User receive error “your organization’s configuration prevents downloads” launching CItrix VDI session?

We are deploying thin clients with a profile that launches Firefox in full screen directed to our StoreFront/Citrix Gateway URL. Very intermittently, users have reported that when clicking on the VDI desktop icon, they receive an error, “your organization’s configuration prevents downloads”. I’m trying to get in front of this in case it becomes more common. I know that resetting to factory defaults fixes the issue (the nuclear option). But, we are placing more and more thin clients at user’s homes, and I’d rather avoid that route. The thin clients are on

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I would split the answer in two sections:

1) try to check if the Suggestions from Jo work:

2) check if the upcoming 11.03.500 release on 01st of April fixes that issue since we applied a lot bugfixes on the Firefox Part

Thanks Sebastian, I’ll take a look. Do you know what the impact would be if I factory reset an IGEL thin client that is remote through ICG? I’ll test it out in a bit with a test one I have, but I’m worried that the user would have to run through setting up the ICG profile on their own.

Therefore the proposal to just reset the Browserprofile with the Custom-cmd. This leaves settings incl. ICG connection intact.

You’ll lose nothing important, the UMS-deployed certs get also re-added on reboot (except if you have added some manually).

Awesome, thanks! I’ll check it out.

Resetting the Browserprofile with the Custom-cmd did the trick. Thanks! I created a specific profile to apply this fix, which I’m manually adding and removing to the thin clients with this issue. Again, this works, but I might see if I can come up with something creative to automate.

Or, do you see any reason as to why I wouldn’t want to just add this command to my standard profile (apply to all)?

Great and thanks for feedback! It’s also good to know this issue can arise in 11.02.150 also.

Because in this release still the older 60.9.0 Firfeox is used.

The theory is that the the browser loses it’s mimetype handler which normally calls the citrix receiver, but instead defaults to download the file which should be used to start the receiver.

The profile could be kept for all.

It resets the profile only once, though.

That is, when you have transferred it and reboot then it resets the profile an adds a maker and on next reboot it sees the marker and does nothing further.

Gotcha. Maybe there’s a way to clear that marker, so that on every reboot it performs this?


Looks like M1 is the marker. So, if I cleared the lines related to M1 it should run during each boot.



rm -rvf ${B}[0-9]*“`

Like this

Ah, ok. On the user thin client, after applying the command, it looked like Firefox did not go full screen as expected. I performed an additional reboot and after FF opened full screen. I’m curious, if I apply this command to all, would this behavior occur

This is strange. If the profile gets removed every time, it should be all the same on every reboot.

Have you put the command into Base > Initialzation? Because this always is done before all other browser configuration.

I tested on a few more thin clients and am not experiencing FF failing to launch full screen.

Could have been just a fluke. Really, rather have that happen (if it does again) than the original problem.

Thanks again guys! I have this in place and notified my service desk, and will see how things go…

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