Users are complaining of frequent disconnects on IGEL OS with Citrix Workspace App version 1909

We are experiencing Disconnect Issues – Client running with CWA version 1909. Users are complaining of frequent disconnects. There has been no change that we know of but we are seeing more incidents being raised. We have raised a ticket to Igel Priority Support as well.

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Sounds a bit like in this Thread:

Would you be able to share a few additional informations regarding your infrastructure? Like: are you using a Netscaler, Storefront, Unified Communication solution, etc.?

Thanks Sebastian. We are seeing the problem both internally using SF for and remotely using Netscaler. We use Cisco WebEx for Meetings and Teams.

Would you be able to gather Logs on the endpoint side?

Are they specific actions that could reproduce the disconnect (idle, on Multimedia, etc.)?

Are Windows Clients concerned too?

Yes. Our team is tarting to investigate and we will be providing logs for the ticket (Case ITRS#2021010710001542)

Perfect, please let us know as soon as you gathered the informations from above, we would be happy to help even if our support will guide perfectly through the solving.

I will add logs once i get slack accessible from work account

We are working with support currently, because we are seeing Citrix Disconnect, see the following information:

The following is what we have determined from testing and I have listed the various IGEL Endpoint configurations:

1. IGEL v11.03.580 with “Citrix client version” = Default (Default: 20.04.0) The Profile Base = IGEL OS 11 11.03.580.01

2. IGEL v11.03.580 & v11.04.200 & v11.04.240 with “Citrix client version” = Default (Default: 20.04.0) The Profile Base = IGEL OS 11

3. IGEL v11.04.254 with “Citrix client version” = Default (Default: 20.10.0) The Profile Base = IGEL OS 11

We have found that Citrix Disconnect (mainly during taking calls) happen on IGEL Endpoints with the configuration (2 & 3), but IGEL Endpoints with the configuration (1) doesn’t have these disconnect issues.

We have seen with citrix client ver 20.09.00 and 20.10.00 prof base Syslog has reference to audio stream.c at all times at aborting and later reference to webexvdi

Agree with your 11.03.580 as issue was not seen then

So two first unqualified thoughts from my side : 1) Kernel / driver change (4>5) or / and CWA issue…

We have same issue , and it happens not only using audio system like teams , Skype or other . We have realized when windows needs to play a notification or windows sound it disconnects. Sometimes we can reproduce the issue when we want. Igel 11.04.240, last Citrix receiver included by default in that version.

what steps do you take to reproduce issue

if we can manually reproduce error that will confirm

Hi @member and @member

Just checked the ticket and my colleagues are already investigating deeply your logs. I would like to wait for their feedback before creating double effort, hope that is ok for you?

To reproduce the issue we go to control panel–sound — windows sounds

Here we play manually the sounds , most of the time we reproduce it, but not always.

@member thanks for that feedback! Sounds interesting, will try it by myself. May you try what happens if you use a VM a.e. which has no Sound card installed, does it happen there too?

@member we will try it on Monday, and I will let you now

We are gathering logs for IGEL Support for their analysis today.

We have the same issue since .220+ ITRS#2020122310000262 – Avaya Softphone crashing the Citrix client on some events.

FYI we have confirmed the Shadow function on 11.04.254 is broken, but is works fine on 11.04.200 & 240 and 11.03.580.

@member do you have a ticket opened on that Shadowing topic? Directly or through ICG?

I don’t have an ticket open about how v11.04.254 fails to Shadow using the ICG. Also we determined that we couldn’t perform the “Save device files for support” function, see the following error.

@member if everything else is sorted out

• Time accuracy on UMS/Endpoint/ICG

• Network communication

• Firewall

• Antivirus

• latest builds


We might consider to test a newer Private Build since it worked on earlier versions.

Was there a specific need for .254?

We were testing 11.04.254 to see if it would resolve the Citrix disconnecting issue we are experiencing, but it didn’t.

We have been provided a test User policy which disables Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Skype, and Zoom offloading. So far this looks positive. Ultimately these would need to be re-enables but hopefully with a fix.

Additionally the other part of the profile is disabling the audio Class ID from Native USB Redirection

We were testing disabling just the Skype RTME optimization with 11.04.240.

@member Thanks – I’ll try the same.

The 11.04.264 release today should address the Citrix disconnects:

### Audio

Fixed a sporadic aborting of an application on closing ALSA Pulse PCM. The

problem concerns only applications using ALSA API directly, like Citrix


Edit: guess the other thread is the main one being updated

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