Users are prompted to allow Citrix ActiveX control evertime they launch StoreFront on IGEL WES7, how

Hey everyone! WES7+ UD3, trying to get Citrix ActiveX control to run automatically for Citrix client detection when loading our internal StoreFront site. I have added the site to the Trusted Sites security zone and the Local Intranet security zone. I keep getting the below popup.

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This webpage wants to run the following add-on ‘Citrix ICA Client Object (ActiveX Win32’) from ‘Citrix Systems, Inc.’.

Does anyone know how to allow the control to run so my users do not have to click on it each time?

Hi Tim, that‘s a typical use case for a partial update (created by a UMS Module called UCB, Universal Customization Builder). Ask your Igel Sales Rep. for a free license!

Of course, you could also disable the FBWF, change the acceptance, reactivate the FBWF and deploy this snapshot to other devices but first one is a way more effective.

If you need it urgently, I could have a look if I have a ready package.

Thanks @member. I have the license for UCB now. Do you have that package available? I’d love to look at it!

I haven‘t but I will send you the Docs as PM!

Hey @member – if you have that package, I’ll take you up on your offer 😃 We are working through it, and our desktops team just does not have the skillset, and I do not have the time. If not, no worries! Thank you 😃

@member Can you provide me the setting that needs to be „rollouted“?

a Reg file a.e.

I managed to get it figured out! Had to make it up as I went, as I could not find the documentation for port #’s, user / pass, file (folder) location, etc., but once I got all that figured out, it is now working. Thank you for being willing to help!

That‘s awesome!! Great! Happy to hear that😄

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