Users complaining typing in Word 2019 or Outlook is very slow in VMware Horizon on IGEL OS

Hello everyone, i am new here sow maybe i post this message in the wrong group. We are currently upgrading to Windows 10 width Office 2019 installed on it. We are using VMware Horizon 7.8 on the VMware Horizon servers and the client is a IGEL UD3-LX with firmware 10.06.190. Employees starting to complain that typing in Word 2019 or Outlook is very slow. When the same employees logging on from their laptops everything works fine. With Windows 7 and Office <tel:20120|201>0 we never had issues. I hope someone could point me in the right direction! Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hello, this group is perfect! May I ask for a few more ideas / facts?

1. which exact model of UD3 are you using?

2. would you be able to test a newer OS11 Firmware to test it there?

3. on OS10 do you have MMCP licenses?

Hello Sebastien, We are using UD3-LX 51ac (M340C). We can test with OS11 firmware in a few weeks. I don’t think we have MMCP licences. Can i find them under the Device’s licenses in UMS admkinistration?

If you have ac, in the product name, then you have MMCP 😄

For Horizon, you could also ensure you have DRI 3 enabled on IGEL

You can make sure it is in use by enabling the following IGEL registry keys (System, Registry).





I will test it and let you know! Thanks for your reply!

When is set my VMware Horizon pool from Blast to PCOIP protocol everything works fine! Tomorrow i wil test with OS 11! I will post the outcome!

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