Users continually locking themselves out when logging into a IGEL OS thin client/Shared Workspace

I have a user that is continually locking themselves out when logging into a thin client/Shared Workspace. I can shadow the thin client and log in as myself without issue. While it would be easy to say it’s just the user who can’t type, what else could this be? They are currently working off of a laptop without issue, which requires the same username/password to authenticate into our citrix environment.

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There was something about this a while back in the community. Are you running Server 2008 or Domain level 2008 by chance?

UMS is 2012 R2. For domain, i’m guessing you mean our DC’s?


this one?

DC’s are 2016

That’s the one @member. Is the domain level also 2016 @member?

Our domain functional level is 2016. The forest level is 2012.

OK, so probably not that then.

Maybe try having the user change their password and see if they can then log in?

I could try that. The user is able to login elsewhere (laptop direct to citrix) though. They appear to lock on the first attempt at the thin client/ums.

@member can you SSH the device?

enable debug mode: auth.login.krb5_debug

check the /var/log/krb5.log or dmesg | grep krb5

Change in PW worked. Not sure what it was previously

so, if changing the password “fixed” the issue, it sounds to me like maybe a keyboard issue on the device. Like maybe it is doing the wrong character or maybe not working.

Could always have them “reset” it back to the original and see if it breaks

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