Video glitches on VMware View Blast and IGEL OS

Hello IGEL Community – I am having an issue that occurs when using an IGEL OS 11 (latest version) or 12 (latest versions) endpoint (ClearCube CD8840, or HPE t655). I connect to a (Horizon instant-clone) virtual desktop that has an NVIDIA vGPU (A16 w/ up-to-date host & guest-os drivers) enabled using BLAST. The video glitches that occur are what appear to be screen refresh issues maybe? Honestly, I’m not sure how to explain it clearly, but here are some examples. While in the M365 Outlook desktop app, if I right click, while in an email, to view options, I show an empty box (see screen shot). I then move the mouse over into the empty box and the content will then display as it should. Also, if I try and highlight text, the display doesn’t show the text highlighted (see screen shot below). Another example is when I’m in a web browser (Chrome or Edge) and I’m using an application like vCenter Server WebUI…when I right click on an object to see the menus, and as I hover over the different options, the sub-menus or options that should automatically pop-out as they should. I only see this problem when connected to a virtual desktop from an IGEL OS endpoint. If I connect, to the same VDI session, either from a PCoIP Teradici Zero client, or from the Horizon Client for Windows on a laptop, I cannot replicate nor is the issue present. I have engaged NVIDIA support, and after troubleshooting have found no issues on that side of things. I have some support logs from the endpoint I can provide if that helps any. We are in a proof-of-concept and don’t have “official” IGEL support. My Presales Engineer recommended I post this here for the IGEL community. If anyone has any ideas on a potential solution or troubleshooting strategy, please reach out. Thank you.

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If you are using GRID cards, I would recomend disabling MMR to start.

Make sure DRI3 and compositing are on.

If you are using BLAST, maybe look at disabling HEVC and BLAST H264 since those should be handled by GRID.

• vmware.view.blast-h264

• vmware.view.blast-hevc.

If none of those work, test it from Ubuntu and see if you have the same issue, this may be something on the Horizon client for LInux

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