Virtual desktop suddenly freezes in VMware Horizon using Blast

We have an IGEL UD3 (M350C) and a HP T640, both sporting the same CPU/GPU combo: an AMD Ryzen Embedded R1505G with Radeon Vega Gfx.

On firmware 11.04.100 and 11.04.136 we are experiencing the following problems (VMware Horizon):

a. The session to the virtual desktop suddenly freezes with only mouse cursor still moving

b. The mouse buttons don’t work, mouse-over is not doing any highlighting, the keyboard is dead as well (also numlock/capslock leds)

c. Tapping the M350C or T640 power button will show the shutdown/suspend IGEL OS window

d. This window will go through its normal countdown timer and then proceed to shutdown, but none of the buttons in this windows are functional (keyboard or mouse)

e. Powering on the thin client and logging on, the VDI session is resumed as per normal.


1. As i was in back-to-back sessions at VMworld 2020 using one of the thin clients, i had the above described issue 3 or 4 times a day. I have a feeling it happens less when i do simple low-resource office work (will confirm this asap, now that VMworld is over). Could it be that the issue is more prevalent when video and audio is used? Video driver related perhaps?

2. As we have this issue with two different vendors using the same AMD technology, i can safely rule out a hardware issue.

Are other people experiencing similar issues? Is there anything i can look up or enable (debugging) to properly capture the issue as it happens?


Are you using Blast? Have you enabled DRI3 video drivers?

x.drivers.use_dri3 is enabled and we are indeed using Blast.

Very interesting that you cannot click anything within the shutdown window… do you have USB redirection enabled? Want to make sure you’re not accidentally redirecting keyboard/mouse into a session as that will cause issues. It would also be a good test to disconnect the session from the Horizon admin console while it’s frozen to see if the client actually closes, or if the entire thing is actually locked up.

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