VMware Horizon appliance mode session on IGEL OS: appliance mode keeps looping – connecting then disconnecting

Ok newbie question here. I have a customer using the VMware Horizon appliance mode session enabled. Behind the profile they have configured a server, username and password. Power the device on, appliance mode starts, logs them into Horizon, desktop is connected, whereby they get the windows login prompt as they want, students login and all is fine. Now these devices are in classrooms, so when no one is there the appliance mode keeps looping I.e. connecting then disconnecting (if that’s what it’s doing) after about 30-40s as no one is there to login. Ideally they just want it to sit there at the Windows login screen until the device is powered off or someone logs in. Any ideas? maybe they should just drop appliance mode and configure a traditional Horizon session profile and select kiosk mode and auto start, though not sure if they will still have the same issue?

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They are using IGEL OS : 11.05.100 with VMware Horizon configured for Kiosk Mode using the “custom-“ prefix user name I believe.

I’m not sure… @member Do you have some ideas on this item?

Only use VMware Horizon without Appliance Mode is enough, The user cannot use anything else if there is only a VMware Horizon session configured. You only need to use the start in fullscreen:

It’s possible that you have to configure it via group policies #itsnotalwaystheclient

Disclaimer: no kiosk mode expert here

Thanks all I’ll take a further look.

I’ve tried the settings you have suggested, but I still the get the issue whereby if you don’t enter a username and password in ~30-40s it closes the connection and tries again i.e. looping. I’ve actually tested this with an RDP connection from the IGEL device and this does exactly the same thing? I’m not sure if its a Windows thing or a IGEL thing causing this?

This sounds that there is a problem with the Windows Desktops at all

I think it’s by design, but they are telling me that their previous Thin Client solution didn’t do this, so I’ve logged it with support now.

I think this is by design at VMware Horizon level. It’s better to logon with the Horizon Client login dialog instead of a Windows logon screen.

When you see a Windows logon screen, most of the time it means the Single Sign On / authentication ticket is broken.

I agee, but this didn’t happen with their previous thin client solution and they have a “custom-xxx” login to the horizon client for each classroom – students aren’t assigned a desktop directly. I’ve questioned this design with them, but it’s not going to change overnight sadly.

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