VMware Horizon Client session using PCoIP on IGEL OS won’t play thru the on board speakers of a laptop

Horizon Client session Using PCoIP Horizon server environment is 7.03 and 7.40. IGEL firmware I cannot get the sound to play thru the on board speakers of a laptop. Sound works on the IGEL desktop just fine. Our setup for windows computers using the Horizon client is using the Teradici virtual audio driver and the sound passes thru the on board speakers. I did try a set of USB speakers on the IGEL device and it works. Any suggestions? I am thinking it is either a device setup I am missing in IGEL or I need a different driver in VMware that detects what the IGEL OS is passing thru to the Horizon client session.

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Looks like there’s a sound issue in PCoIP with the new (dubbed lightweight) Horizon Client on IGEL OS.

Since some releases VMware ships this lightweigth-client and the so called rollback-client.

In the most recent versions (like 11.01.13x/11.02.100) the lightweight is the default.

Fortunately the rollback-client doesn’t have the sound issue.

You can re-enable it by setting the following registry key:


Works like a charm. Thank you Jo again!

How does one set this with a 11.01.120 profile? I do not see vmware.view.allow-client-rollback in the registry for my OS11 profile. I do see it for 10.06.xxx 10.06.xxx but not for an OS11 profile.

In early OS11 the rollback was the default, so you might already have it. I currently not in the lab (as I should), so can’t verify. But as visual hint, when connecting to the remote desktop the rollback shows a progress bar and the lightweight a turning wheel. You can also tell by looking in the log messages: in lines containing “Horizon v5″ look for _rollback client_ or _current client_ ” (current == lightweight).

I updated past 11.01.120 and I now have the option in the UMS profile to set the vmware.view.allow-client-rollback registry.

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