VNC viewer issues connecting to IGEL devices, never shows the screen

So i am having issues trying to get real VNC viewer to connect to the IGEL devices. I have it configured in the UMS to allow connections, but when i try and use real vnc viewer with ip:0 it just never connects. I don’t get a timeout or any prompts it just never shows the screen. igel is running 11.04 os any ideas

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Have you enabled it on endpoint?

System > Remote Access > Shadow > Allow remote shadowing

Yes in the UMS i have a profile that enables shadowing in encrypted mode.

So you have IGEL built in VNC Shadowing working and now want to allow real vnc to also connect?

I thought the built in VNC server allowed connections for outside VNC viewers. Do i have to license the IGELS seperately if i want to access them with an outside VNC viewer.

It does… See video…

Ok that helped it seems when secure mode is enabled we are having an issue. Once i turned that off it works fine.

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