We have an issue that a device is not getting the EMP License.


We have an issue that a UD3-Lx11 is not getting the EMP License.

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It is the first time that we use the EMP License.

I added the Thinclient in our UMS and rollout our Profile.

I manually assign the license via UMS but i get the message warting for license.

We have tried following:

• Reset to factory default

• Upgrade the FW to 11.08.360

• Checked the time on the device

• Checked the locale license path -> there a now 3 license files

• Checked the Firewall rules

• Auto-assign license via UMS

• Manually assign license via UMS

Does anyone have a idea why my device is not getting the assigned license?

Kind regards,


Hi Florian,

1) please use latest UMS version 12.02.100 if not done already

~2) check if NTP is set, and if Time/Date is correct on the concerned endpoints~

3) is the packs distribution set to Automatic kb.igel.com/licensesmore-igelos11/en/enabling-automatic-license-deployment-10328001.html

~4) check ports kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt-5.09/en/ums-communication-ports-22459132.html~

5) check if time/date differs on Hardware leven (Bios)

6) Check for Bios updates

7) Does doplying the lic file locally work?

8) please delete all local licenses by: kb.igel.com/licensesmore-igelos11/en/how-to-remove-an-igel-license-completely-24391359.html

9) what is the output of rm_ping_for_license locally in CLI?

Hi Sebastien,

• I upgraded the UMS from 12.01.110 to 12.02.100 -> Nothing Changed.

• Automatic assign is activated.

• i checked the BIOS time its 11:30 and on my clock is 13:30 so i changed the bios clock to 13:30

• Doplying the lic file locally hasn’t work for me.

• I delete all local license with the profile. After that the device starts up an get a license after that reboot i’m still at the begin for waiting for the deployment.

• The ouput for the command rm_ping_for_license = ok

For Bios Updates i need to create a account by support.igel.com support.igel.com?

Overseen it is a IGEL device, sorry, no, all good.

Could you double check the content of the lic file and check if Mac corresponds to 100%?

i have double checked the assignmet of the lic.

Just in case, the device has a valid OS11 maintenance, correct? Is the device maybe holding a OS11 subscription and not perpetual license?

How i can check that?

on the License Portal ?

Could you send a screenshot of your license section? From the last screenshot, it seems like the device is not having a Workspace Edition license.

yeah mean that?

No in your Universal Management Suite, the device, on there at the bottom, license info.

Thats my Problem. The License is assign to this Device. On the Device i get the message that a license has been activated and need a restart. So after the restart he is waiting for a license.

Jep, you are missing the WE part. Please assign a WE license/Maintenance from a pack, the EMP is on top.


Do you have a WE Pack?

We have only free EMP packs to the Igel Device

so thats the wrong packs for us ?

Yes, you need WE for the base, and if you need IGEL Cloud Gateway / Shared Workplace / etc, then you need EMP.

Thank you for you help.

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