Webcam integrated microphone is not capturing audio on IGEL OS?

Morning all. I am experiencing a challenge with capturing audio with a webcam integrated microphone. The device appears in Sound Preferences, and it isn’t muted, but when I attempt to test this (using arecord -D hw:1,0 -d 10 /tmp/test-mic.wav), the wave file is empty. When I attempt to do a test call from Teams (either local custom partition or through Citrix), the device appears, but it is not capturing sound. Has anyone come across this? I am using an Adesso Cybertrack H4 camera, connected via USB (I have tried different ports on the machine as well as through a USB hub), endpoint firmware is 11.04.270 (was also happening on .240).

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Hello Shane, which kind of Endpoint are you using?

I am using a UD Pocket connected to an HP z800 workstation.

and Hello Sebastien!

Additional information:

Would you mind to test another Firmware? Will send you a PM.

sure thing!

@member no change with the new firmware…

Sorry to hear that… Did you had the chance any kind of other microphones? Did they work?

Do you have USB Access Control ON?

USB access control is off, and my logitech headset (USB connection) works fine…

Should I just put in a ticket on this one?

Yes, please. Would you mind to keep us in the loop?


Thanks for your time!

@member – Don’t know what changed, but this automagically just started working for me. I have been ‘fighting’ with this for the last 3 days, and now this morning is suddenly working. Thanks for your time Sebastien.

Wow, glad that it worked even if we don’t know how 😛

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