Webex redirection working in Citrix with IGEL OS

Anyone successfully got webex redirection working in Citrix with igel? CVAD 2009 + igel 11.04.240 with webex meetings enabled in settings. If I connect to my session with a windows laptop with the vdi plugin installed, it works as it should. Connecting from igel, it falls back to hairpinning the traffic through the citrix server. I also have the webex reg key set to enable the VDI function (which should be obvious as it does work when connecting from a Windows client)

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Which VDI Plugin Version are you using?

I have it working in my environment. But, we’re on CVAD 1912 LTSR CU1, with a mix of IGEL 11.04.220 and some on 11.04.240. What version of Cisco WebEx do you have installed in your CVAD image? And is it virtual desktop or virtual app (XenApp)?

@member by plugin, I’m assuming you are referring to the webex software installed on the citrix vda? That isCisco WebEx Meetings The thin client plugin – I’m not sure. Whatever version ships on os 11.04.240.

@member XenApp published desktops

On our end:

So, what is working right now in my environment I have Cisco WebEx Meetings version installed on Desktop OS (Windows 10 1903) with VDA version 1912 LTSR. The version of IGEL firmware on my thin client is 11.04.240. Is WebEx Meetings for VDI supported on a Server OS?

@member Thanks for the info. According this it is supported.


@member WebEx VDI is very good stuff! It’s extremely obvious to any user when the traffic is offloaded. Even though, WebEx Meetings application is a bit of a pain (as it likes to create entries in the user’s run key, leaving its processes lingering about after exiting the app, etc.). We also offload Jabber (JVDI) and this works extremely well. I didn’t know this until recently, but you can attend WebEx meetings through Jabber, which offloads audio/video for the WebEx session as well.

yeah…I get that. That’s why I’m trying to get it to work @member. I have a case open with iGel so we’ll see what the issue is.

Hi Tyler, just in case… Did you followed the tutorial and installed the Registry key like described here?


yes, I have it set. I specifically mentioned that in my original post because I know others have tripped up on that part. Again, it works when connecting from a windows endpoint, just not from an igel. It wouldn’t work from a windows endpoint if that key wasnt set. When connecting from a Windows endpoint the meeting starts very quickly I see “Cisco WebEx Meetings – VDI” in the title bar. When connecting from an iGel, starting or joining the meeting takes about 20 secs longer (I’m assuming its trying to go VDI mode and then times out) but does not show ” – VDI” in the title bar and its clear from the video preview its not being redirected as there is noticeable lag.

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